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THARS provides a unique path to peace, based on healing and reconciliation. The seeds of tomorrow's wars grow in the soil of today's unhealed traumas. The seeds of tomorrow’s peace grow in the soil of today’s healing and reconciliation. Your support is needed to sustain and expand this work for the people of the African Great Lakes Region and for the world. Your help will make a difference.


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Make a Donation

Cost for labor is very low in the African Great Lakes Region, where the average income is about $100 a year. A Listening Center can be staffed for $2,400 a year. Your donation can accomplish over 20 times as much at THARS as it might in Europe or the USA.  Donate today through our support organization, THARS International.

Some Special Needs

We need support for micro-loans to help people get at new start. Funding for a few goats, potato cultivation supplies, shoe repair shop supplies, or simply a sewing machine can change lives. Any donation will make a great difference to our clients who seek to become self-sufficient again.

THARS envisions a trauma healing training center to serve the African Great Lakes Region. The total construction project will cost $1,000,000. 

Volunteer for THARS Work Camps. We need help constructing the Trauma Healing Training Center in Gitega. Contact us about how you can help.


Donations or inquiries can be sent to:

Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services
Rohero II, Boulevard de l'Independance
B.P. 6311 Bujumbura

Telephone: (257) 22 24 58 24 
Fax: (257) 22 24 93 56
E-mail: (office)



We will be happy to supply information on specific support groups and projects in need of funding.


Tell a Friend

Many people are not yet aware of the important initiatives in trauma healing and reconciliation that have been accomplished at THARS. Help plant the seeds of peace. Tell your friends and colleagues about today.


Start a Study Group

Plant the seeds of peace in your community. Religious, educational and other organizations can use THARS materials as the basis for study groups. The THARS approach to trauma healing represents a unique path to peace - a practical way to prevent future violence by healing the wounds of violence today.